Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anniversary of Tax day?

Other than my anniversary the only other one that I can remember the exact date is my brother and sister-in-laws. It is only right though since they did get engaged in the back of my car. We have shared 20 years together and more importantly they have shared those years together. I used to think that 20 years seemed like a long way off and it is hard to believe that we have both hit that bench mark. I was going to include pictures from our wedding since they were both in our wedding and each caught the bouquet and garter respectively. Only problem is that I can't find my wedding pictures ( i have no clue where they are?) So you will have to get a picture of them on the Trek--the only reason I feel i even have to post a picture is that Sheli said she will only read my blog if i have more pictures--so here to you guys. Happy Anniversary and here's wishing you another happy 20 together.

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Jennifer said...

WOW! 20 years!?! COOL!