Sunday, April 6, 2008

wedding and conference weekend

where has the weekend gone? I feel like it just blew by and i feel like it has been forever since i have really blogged. Highlights of the weekend entail the wedding reception--it was so much fun catching up with people that I haven't seen in years. It was great hanging out with the girlfriends in the kitchen and laughing. I would post pictures but being the photographer that i am i actually left the camera at home? What was i thinking? I am hoping to get pictures off of my friends camera and if i do i will post them.
While in the kitchen my dear friend got a little zealous with the scissors and injured herself. Nothing like some duct tape to fix the mistakes we make in life. We don't need no stinkin' band-aid. The funny thing was that another one of our friends about passed out at the sight of this little bit of blood. We couldn't help but laugh at her plight as we wondered how she survived this problem during her kids childhoods. As a grandma she must figure that if there is any blood it is the parents responsibility.

On Saturday i had to work and ended up in a gym where i could actually get wireless Internet. It was a Catholic private school so the fact that i was watching LDS conference in the gym was kinda cracking me up. So about the time that conference came on i turned on the computer and was sitting watching when a coach came in and declared that i must be hard core since i was watching conference--the really funny thing is that I am pretty sure that he is not Mormon and the fact that he knew it was conference with just a brief look was surprising. He then went on to ask as he was walking by as to who the lord loved more--the Mormons at Gilbert or the Mormons at Highland(they were currently playing each other and both those schools have a number of Mormons at them) I told him i had to go with Highland since i have nephews who attend that school.

Kevin came and took me to lunch on Saturday--we went to "My Florist" thanks to the recommendation from Jen--and it was YUMMY. A great place to people watch as well. Pretty food and an interesting mix of flavors--I had a sandwich with grilled chicken,pears and brie cheese, a salad of mixed greens with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette and a bowl of homemade cream of mushroom soup--it was soooo good. A little pricey for soup and sandwich but good none the less--i think i will go there again--Anyone up for a field trip?

And to end the weekend we had marathon family day. My sis-in-law called yesterday to invite us to brunch between conference sessions so we came over a little after 11am and we ended up staying till 10 tonight. It really is tooooo bad that we don't enjoy each others company. Brunch was great and for our impromptu dinner, we gathered up food at our house and made a great meal with a combination between the houses. Finished off the evening with several games of "settlers" and i actually won the last one. It has been ages since we have played--just too busy these days. It was so much fun just to hang out and laugh and play together. They had pulled out a puzzle to work on during conference and can i just say how addicting they are to me? I am so glad that it is at her house because i have such a hard time breaking myself away from them. I get such a satisfaction from placing pieces and it makes me happy when i figure them out--I am a puzzle junky--i will admit it. It takes everything in me to walk away from them when there is one out.

“ Life must be lived as play.”---Plato

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