Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracles DO happen

Anyone who doubts that modern day miracles take place
was not in my home tonight.
Anyone who knows me in the slightest,
knows that i hardly do any of the cooking.
If you have been in my home at dinner time you know
that it is the rare night that we all get to sit down together
and if we do it is never before 7pm.
tonight many of these things changed.
First off, we were having the sister missionaries for dinner.
They like to eat at 5pm,
which in my world is next to impossible,
but i keep trying.
I am not know in my circle of friends for being the most prompt person--
when i give a time it is with the ISH attached to it.
Like, we will eat around 5ish
(this means anywhere from 5:15 at the earliest to 5:45)
[Once when we had the missionaries something was taking much longer
to cook than I had anticipated so we ate DESSERT first].
Yes, i was the hit with the missionaries that night.
{Sorry i digressed.}
So tonight the stars aligned and weird things happened.
Everything and i mean EVERYTHING
(including napkins on the table)
was ready to be eaten at 5 o'clock sharp.
WHAT?--you say.
I know it's hard to believe--even i was astounded.
The only problem was that on this given night
my normally very prompt missionaries were LATE!?
I just had to laugh--they know me too well.
that i did manage to put on a spread, ON TIME.
We all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.
Such a simple act--such a BIG DEAL.
just a small miracle

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Katie and Ferenc said...

Hey, it's Katie Pruitt! I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi!