Monday, April 21, 2008

And the ITCHING continues.....

I am sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED. These stupid allergies are driving me crazy. I have not had this many bad days in a long time. Here is the real problem. I can take drugs to feel better but my ability to function is severely limited--I want to sleep and if i can't sleep i just am dragging. But the alternative is to scratch, itch, water and in general feel miserable. Do i really have a GOOD choice--which is the lesser of the two evils? I have yet to figure this out.


Annette said...

Here is another alterintive. THE NETTE POT. My Yoga teacher told me about it and it has worked great for my allergies. It is from India, and it is a little pot that you put warm water in with some salt and pour into one of your nose nostrals. Then you let it drain out the other one. I know it sounds weird but it really works at cleaning out your nose. Oprah even had it on her show. I got mine at HENRYS but I think you can get them at any Drug store. I am not sure though. Hopefully that helps. Annette

sandalloons40 said...

Ya, I can relate to you. I take singular but, it makes me sleepy and I come home from my route sleepy, then take pill, sleep and wake up sleepy.

So, my doc says take 1/2 before I go bed at night(supposed to be 4 hours of sleep) but, lately like 2-3 hours before 1:30am. Yikes.

then when I get home between 4:30-5:30am, depends on the day, I am supposed to take 1/2 more.
then I get up say between 10-11am.

I don't like that late sleeping stuff but, I have to, no choice.
well, today, tired brain and took the whole pill and yikes I am dragging like you said. But, you know sometimes I take it and it is fine. other days and it knocks me on my block.

So, I use nasal spray also and sometimes vicks. I also just had my part #1 of eye surgery but, yikes my eyes are watery, well sorta and red, some is cuz of dry eyes.

I also eat good and exercise, like I am sure you do.

But, I wish you luck as it is tough with these allergies. I Know my route friend, takes non-drowsy sutafed.