Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phones are a blessing


they are a plague to me.
They don't like me and are plotting against me to make my life crazy.
The home phones are each taking turns being on the FRITZ. One doesn't like to answer--it only works on speaker phone, and the other just decided to quit ringing. I mean who really needs to know that someone is trying to call you? Then (unbeknownst to me) my cell phone took a suicide leap out of my pocket when i was putting Alex into the car. Luckily i listened to the still small voice--{the one that does not need a phone to reach me.} I felt prompted to look for my phone before i drove off. When i couldn't find it I felt strongly that I should go inside and call my phone
(I was thinking maybe i had left it in the house) I heard it ringing and low and behold it was lined up with the back tire on the ground under the car. If I hadn't listened to the prompting my phone would be NO MORE. I would have run it over without even knowing. This phone is supposed to be like indestructible and all but do i really want to test that for accuracy? I know that I am making light of this--but truly I feel blessed that i listened to the promtings. Sometimes it is those small and simple blessings that we need to acknowledge.

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Anonymous said...

You SO crack me up girlfriend!!! I miss our giggle fests after a LOOOOOOOONG...did I say LOOOOOOOOOONG...days of hard labor. It made them sooooooo worth it!

I am glad you listened to that still small voice as we wouldn't get our little chats with out it.

:) ~Lisa Marie