Thursday, April 17, 2008

the brain is empty

No profound thoughts of my own to share tonight--so instead i will post one that makes me feel profound just for reading it. Then i will post my all time favorite pictures from the Trek--they are of my niece and nephew. Then i will call it a night.....

If you were all alone in the universe

with no one to talk to,

no one with which to share the beauty of the stars,

to laugh with,

to touch,

what would be

your purpose in life?

It is other life,

it is love,

which gives your life meaning.

This is harmony.

We must discover the joy of each other,

the joy of challenge,

the joy of growth.



angieinpink said...

Dude, that is profound. Gave me chills! Great photos as well...

I'm sorry my cupcakes taunted you, but truly, they weren't that good. They were really dry w/ store-bought frosting. Hehe.

Absolutely no pressure whatsoeva, but if you decide you wanna join the-new-blog party...lemme know!

Melanie said...

Love the photos. The recipe for the new cookies is now posted on my blog. I have been trying for weeks to change my blog template but I guess I'm too picky or just wasn't happening on the right sight to help. I have great things to say about:
I did let Becca help pick there was 2 others that I liked a little more than the one we chose. Sorry this seems to be a large comment:(