Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sNuggLinG with the Little Man

Just me and little bud home tonight. It is so weird! Everyone had places to be and since we have an additional driver i was not needed to go out and retrieve anyone. So we just hung out--having conversations about things that i have no knowledge about. If only i understood ANY of what he is trying to tell me--well actually i do understand...SOME. He is such a good beggar and the sign drink is REAL CLEAR. So he flashes me the old drink sign--but i refuse to give in and let him SLUG the rest of my Pepsi-- I tell him to go get his own drink. I love his independence or his wanting to be independent. So off he goes, and i hear the ice maker going. He comes back downstairs with the biggest glass possible--[like the size of his head] and proceeds to climb up in bed with me. Will he share the said glass--NO. He was just taunting me with the lovely crushed ice--2/3 full, just like i like it. My other children struggle to make me a proper drink and here comes my "special" child with it--PERFECT. I am seeing a future here for him--only problem is that we don't hang out in bars or coffee houses. Maybe one day there will be a need for a drink specialist at QT--there is the job for him. He did finally let me have a sip--and i must say it was nice and cold and perfect--just like our evening together. Nothing like having a child snuggle up to you to fall asleep. I LoVe these moments.

My children....
have been a constant joy to me
(except on the days when they weren't)
Evelyn Fairbanks

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