Thursday, April 24, 2008

talk the talk

my non verbal child loves the phone, until someone is actually on it wanting to talk to him. Last night he had the portable with him curled up where he was trying to go to sleep. I noticed it and thought that we should probably take that away from him--we did when we got the call back from the 911 dispatcher stating that they had been called and wanting to know if there was an emergency. Oh how i wish he could talk some days. I was watching a video that Kari had put on her blog showing her baby cooing--{the early stages of language} and i realized that Alex never really did that--he was so quiet. He is still quiet--kinda---until he wants to make his needs known and then watch out---he does everything is his power to let us know what he wants/needs or likes/dislikes. I just wish he didn't have to work so hard to get his point across. I wish he could express in words the things he is thinking about. Sometimes he just looks at me as he is trying to talk and i can see the desire in his eyes to say the words--yet anything but words come out. Just plain old frustrating.

Here is the blessing of having a non-verbal child---He is the one kid in my home that doesn't talk back. It doesn't mean that he doesn't ignore me when i am talking to him--he just doesn't openly defy me--Such a small blessing--but......

I would and am willing to give up that blessing to have him talk someday.
I do believe that it will happen--


but oh that "patience is a virtue" thing certainly does try my PATIENCE.

Half the world is composed
of people who have something to say
and can't,
and the other half
who have nothing to say
and keep on saying it."
- --
Robert Frost

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Melanie said...

So, Shelly has quit checking your blog right? Cause I know I love reading it but you aren't meeting Shelly's qualifications....

:) :) :0 :) :)