Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mArVeLous MiSs MiNdY

you need to use you best Mexican music here
---I--Yi--YI--YI, I love my pollo fundido.

I love just saying those words--POLLO FUNDIDO, just the sound of it makes me happy--it is like a party with language. And when I take that first bite my taste buds start the happy dance. Yes, I know that it is deep fried. Yes, I know that is bad for me but.... there is something about the sour cream sauce that is sooo YUMMY!!! I love Mexican food--not the Taco Bell type, but the kind where you go in and you are one of the few who speaks English as their primary language kind of Mexican food.

Joining me in this FUNdido lunch today was Jo (since she was out of school) and Miss Mindy (one of Jo's ex middle school teachers) Mindy is taking a break from corrupting, I mean teaching my children and is working around the corner from our house.

We had a fun lunch of dodging the pigeons and LAUGHING. It is great that Mindy can continue to influence my children.

Just so you know I had on the brown shirt first this morning--how embarrassing that your daughter tries to dress like you--Is there a talk show for cases like this?

"Make [food] simple

and let things taste of what they are."


Jennifer said...


They just opened one walking distance. YES WALKING distance from my house. That almost justifies it, right? IF only I'd WALK!

angieinpink said...

it's 8 thirty & you have me craving that, bigtime. (: is it okay if i eat mexican for breakfast?

you are so cute, girl. i saw ya on stacy julian's blog, you little celeb, you. (:

love ya, love your blog.

Kari Whiting said...

hey leighann i was just looking at your blog and saw this post. what is mindy's last name. is it udall or something like that, well anyways she was my 7th grade english teacher also. just thought it was neat to see her on your blog. im gonna add you to my blog okie dokie. oh and by the way, i love cuddling with my babies too, it really is the best. i just can't wait til they can make me my favorite drinks.

sandalloons44 said...

You know that is my most favorite! I remember years ago at Garcias they suggested I ordered that and
yumm-o, it was devine.
Did you go there?
I wish I could make it as it is awesome.
looks like a fun, relaxing night for you also at home!