Tuesday, April 22, 2008

smell the happiness

Sometimes there are simple things
that just make me happy.
Sometimes it is a smell.
I love the smell of clean laundry,
I love towels that smell all yummy and full of fabric softener.
Then there are the white clothes that smell of bleach.
Call me crazy
but i love that smell as well.
Maybe it is the fact that they contained dirty socks to begin with
and when they come out
they are all nice and clean and smell great in my opinion.
Last night we had family night at the laundry mat--
so much fun pitching in together
to get a rather daunting task accomplished.
I love having all the winter blankets
washed and folded
and put away for the summer.
My goal for this week is to get my laundry room
cleaned out, cleaned up
and organized.
And maybe
if i am crazy
get my ironing done
--such ambition.


Another simple joy that i got to experience today is

holding a four day old baby.

Again the smell--

there is nothing quite like holding something so

fresh and new from God.

I love the fact that i can hold them,

snuggle them

and be in complete AWE

(I sat in disbelief that my kids were ever that small)

and yet, I have NO desire to have another one of my own.

There is a great satisfaction

in knowing that your family is complete.

I can only imaging the joy

of holding my childrens children--

--but i am content to wait on that one,

although i know it will be here before I know it.


Last thing on my simple joys of the day--

I love when the radio plays some


that just makes me want to

{bust a move}.

I love turning it up

(real loud)

and feeling the beat.

Singing like there is no tomorrow

and car dancing.

This is the kind of dancing where

(if your children are with you they are thoroughly embarrassed)

--you don't actually move your arms--

[because you are driving and that would not be safe]

but you have to isolate the moves from your shoulders and neck.

If traffic is not too bad.....

.....carefully [remember safety first]

remove one hand

and do the old Saturday night fever move.

Throw in some head banging

or some hip action

and you are rockin out to the tunes as you drive

--it just kinda makes me happy--

{ok, it really makes me happy}

(fills me with joy and makes my heart swell)

--what can i say--

I know i am slightly off balanced

--but that's what i love about me--

pure abandonment to conventional stuffiness.

---I will leave you with this thought---

As for worrying
what other people might think--
They aren't concerned about you.
They're too busy worrying about what
and other people
think of them.
Micheal LeBoeuf

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