Friday, April 11, 2008

my IDOL opinion

Today i have determined that i am the only person who IS NOT watching American Idol. Now i am not dissing those of you who take the time to watch the show, I just really don't care this year. I have had a great sense of indifference to the show since they voted off Chris Daughtry [who has since had a great album] I thought about the many years that i watched faithfully only to see someone that I didn't care for win--let me name a few. In the order of least favorite

  1. Fantasia---just the thought of her and her squealie voice makes me cringe {where is she now I ask---my point exactly!!}

  2. Ruben--the velvet teddy bear--while he could sing the low and mellow it just didn't do IT for me--Clay Aiken has become far more marketable and I see him all the time on talk shows and such

  3. Taylor Hicks--I find it hard to watch a white boy sing the blues--I'm not big into harmonicas and he seemed like a bad wedding singer.

  4. And i know that Sanjaya didn't win but he stayed far longer than he should have last year---it made the whole season appear as a joke

It also irritates me that Simon gets boo-ed for being honest,Randy speaks in Eubonics and Dawg phrases and Paula is channeling Mr.Rogers telling people that they are beautiful,wonderful and to follow their dreams.....Quit dancing around the truth and tell it like it is--they stunk.

I realize i am probably the only person who does not like the first few weeks of tryouts where the really bad singers show off their skills or lack there of. It just appears to be contrive and predictable--and with that being said ( i know i am in the minority especially in my own household) enjoy your singing competition and talking about it the day after--but when you mention it to me, and i look clueless as to what you are talking about--please remember I really am!

As far as winners go my favorite idol has been Carrie Underwood. Love her albums.


Annette said...

I am right there with you Sister! I walked into a friends home and she had a picture of some guy as her screen saver. This guy was cute but really too young to be her husband. I asked who he was and I got the third degree about how he is from AZ and is the best singer. How her whole family is hoping he wins. I can not even remember his name now. Some guy with brown hair.

Alli said...

heyyy quit dissing and jump on board-2 Mormons this year and one is from Mesa! Just love it. commeee on

Jennifer said...

For what it's worth I don't watch it either. I HATE IT! And I'm publishing it to the world. How about that?