Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McDonald's Milestones

During the last six years of my babies life (yes, he will always be my baby) I have often had a scripture come to my mind.
Alma 37:6--but behold I say unto you,that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
It has given me great comfort as i have watched him struggle to try to do so many things that we normally take for granted. The term: baby steps-- has had new meaning, as he has taken his time to reach the many milestones that often occur without a second thought. One of these milestones entails us working with him at McDonald's to get over his fear of playing in a confined space. This has been quite a long haul--physically it has been a challenge to have him learn to climb up the cargo net. It has been met with

much resistance,


as well as some gnashing of the teeth

and whining.
Why do we put this poor child through such


--is it just to make his immune system stronger-
{since we know that the play place is crawling with all kinds of nasty bacteria.}
Maybe he really isn't afraid of the confined space--is it the germs he is worried about?

(I am documenting this so i won't forget what a big deal this has been.)

Normally we have had to go up in the tube with him and prod him along--he has gotten over most of the whining and crying but still was not going on his own. This entailed an adult or a sibling {if they were along for the fun} to crawl behind him--encouraging him along. This has been a long and arduous process. Often just getting him to get inside it, and then get inside it without crying. Why did we continue to subject him to this? Maybe to appease my sense of normalcy for him? What kid doesn't know how to play at a playground--

that's who.

He has had to learn to play.

So, with that being said, on Monday he did have some success without someone having to be right behind him the entire way--but he still was not going completely on his own.
Then his SLP left and i encouraged him to climb up the cargo net one more time--
(assuming that i would have to go and follow him up to get him out.)
Much to my AMAZEMENT he continued through the entire play area up to the slide and came down on his own. SHOCK of all SHOCK. My heart about stopped. I stood there speechless--my heart bursting out of my chest--in absolute AWE and pride.

Then wanting to push my luck i sent him up again--and he did this three more times--
on his own.
For a normal child this is not a big deal--but this is "little man" we are talking about--
This is a VERY BIG DEAL.
I quickly got on the phone and called his SLP and gave her the news--I was about in tears. She was sooooo excited--she knew what a big deal this was. She knows the many hours we have put in getting him to this point. When i see these milestones reached, {albeit late}--but reached nevertheless, it gives me hope. HOPE that even though he is taking his time to reach these milestones--they are being reached, and one day the differences between him and "normal" kids will be minor. I continue to have
that this will happen. And even if it never does--he has blessed out lives so immensely. I am thankful for his sweet spirit and the opportunity he continually gives me to stop and appreciate those small things in life that we take for granted.

Are you talking about me?

You want me to pose?

Oh mom, this is so embarrassing!

Let me think about it,HMMMMM

ERRR--UMMM, Well I guess i could give you one pose

HOW'S THIS? Do you like the hand in the pocket?

That's IT--I'm outta here

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Annette said...

I remember meeting you in that McDonalds with JJ as an new baby. I am so happy as well. That little man is truely blessed to come to your family.