Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am thankful
for a lawn that needs mowing,
windows that need cleaning and
gutters that need fixing
because it means I have a home....
I am thankful for the piles of
laundry and ironing
because it means

my loved ones are nearby.
~Nancie J. Carmody

I don't have gutters on my house--
but there are plenty of other projects that can keep me busy.
I love summer vacation--
{not the heat that goes along with it}
--but for the fact that my kids are around.
{i realize i am in the minority here}

I do enjoy them
and i love watching them interact with each other.
Our days are filled with getting much needed things done--
and even though i might gripe about the things i have to do--
i need to remember

how truly blessed i am.
There are so many who have so much less than I do--
but more than things---

I KNOW that i have a family
that loves one another,
and that i love dearly.
It really doesn't get much better than this

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