Tuesday, May 27, 2008

available space to sleep

dear hubby and the girls are home from camp.
So much for having the whole bed to myself--
not that i actually ever had it to myself.
Little man took full advantage of the available space
and took it upon himself to fill it.
Actually him and the dog.
It got a bit crowded
and when they both started snoring
and i found myself putting in the earplugs--
that was it!
They got booted.
Only to return at the next available opportunity.

It is hard to believe,
that we are less than a week into summer
and i feel the impending doom
of how quickly it is and will go by.
There is something liberating
about not having to adhere to a specific bedtime.
I love when the whole house sleeps in--
well actually i love when little man sleeps in.
Today was one of those days
when he chose to ease into the day--
until i remembered that I had Dr. appts.
for the two older boys--
then we needed to move at warp speed,
to get a everyone dressed and out the door.
Atleast i made the Dr. appt for 15 min later tomorrow--
not that it matters
since the two oldest have to start summer school in the morning.
No REST for the wicked.

The bed
is a bundle of paradoxes:
we go to it with reluctance,
yet we quit it with regret;
we make up our minds
every night
to leave it early,
but we make up our bodies
every morning
to keep it late.
~Charles Caleb Colton

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