Monday, May 26, 2008

Yard work is not for sissy's

My body aches tonight.
(even my oldest son commented that i looked tired--
--what an observant child)
The hard work of the last few days is taking its toll.
(Sunday was the day of rest but Fri,Sat and today
we worked our buns off)
I would love to offer you pictures,
but my boys threatened to boycott
if i brought out the camera.
The scratches on my arms from the ever friendly
{lets reach out and scratch you}
boganvia bushes hurt.
It is a rare day that i have available to work on the yard
and then to have the weather co-operate at this time of year
is truly amazing.
With the rain last week and the cooler temp--
{and me having the time available}
the yard came to the top of the TO-DO list.
It was in sad need of some TLC.
There were weeds that were screamin'--
The trees needed to be trimmed up.
The trellis had lived a good life,
and needed to be removed/replaced.
The compost pile was needing to be put in the composter--
bushes needed to be moved/transplanted
as well as trimmed.
My beautiful Ash tree needed to have
the grass dug up from around it.
(And why not add some brick to finish it off)
Planters which have sat empty needed flowers.
And some plants that died a while ago
needed to be replaced.
The icing on the cake--or to top off the yard
were the wood chips--something so simple
and yet it added so much.
A couple of truckloads of debris to the alley
and i declare it--
Now the real question
that my hard working boys have posed is
"Do you think dad will notice?"

Now we will proceed to hibernate
for the remainder of the summer--
thus ignoring all the hard work
that we have done these last few days.
Can i get an AMEN sista'?

Fatigue is the best pillow.
~Benjamin Franklin

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