Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Remember my love/hate relationship with the computer?
Right now it is just HATE!!
{i don't even like that word and yet it fits}
Just like a man--
the computer is unable to read my mind and know what I want it to do.
I am feeling rather cranky right now.
My computer got tired and decided that all the work i had done to this point was
It decided that it was not worth saving.
(I now know that it does not auto save--my mistake)
So tonight instead of continuing to make progress toward the finish line,
I have stumbled,fallen, and skinned the proverbial knee.
I now will get up and brush myself off.
Crack my knuckles.
Get some Pepsi.
And get back to work.
Only three days left to finish the monstrosity--i mean movie.

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