Friday, May 30, 2008


Last doctor appointment today. We have been declared a home full of healthy kids. We are up to date on our shots. Everyone of the kids got poked in the arm this week--and the biggest baby of all is my (almost) 18 year old. I got to listen to her all afternoon tell me how her arm hurt, how it was so sore and she was sure that she had gotten double doses.

Here is one of the difference between boys and girls---
They doctor asked about the acne issues and if they wanted something to take care of it.

Boys response
"NO"--why would they want to do that?

Girls response--
"of course"

Can i just say that i love my pediatrician?!
After we had left the office she
called me personally
(and thanked me
for having 5 wonderful,
beautiful, healthy children
and for giving her all my spare cash
by way of co-pays)
---Not really---

but she did call me as she was looking over the oldest child's record and had a question about something we had talked about last year. It impresses me that she does the actual call and that she wants to make sure that we are covering all our bases. This is not the first call i have received from her and every time i do get one i am always in awe and surprised.

I just have to include this observation from my 11 year old--
mind you he is a pre-teen.

This punk has an aversion to water--
at least the kind that would actually get him clean.

In the summer we have had to work on getting him
to take a shower or bath.
His attitude has always been
"if he got wet--that constituted a bath"
it doesn't matter if the wet
is in the form of ocean,lake or pool water.


You might ask him to take a shower
and he would respond
that he just had one on Sunday
(it would now be Thursday)

It has not so much been a problem
since he was not stinky--
{in his mind "CLEAN" is overrated.}

So at the doctors i had to walk out of the room
so she could take care of the "boy" stuff,
and in returning back into the room
the smell hit me like a wet noodle.

Knowing that #1 son has always been a showering fool
(teeth brushing, another story)
I asked middle son if that was him?

--to which he responded --
"YEAH, that's my MAN SUIT"

--Man suit?
{where does he come up with this?}

Just for the record
--those are the men that send girls running
in the opposite direction.

---HMMMM, maybe that's his plan.?

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