Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miracle #2.... disregarded AGAIN

The headache is sorta gone and i am alert and awake enough to write about my dinner Monday night.

We again had the missionaries for dinner. We have three different sets of missionaries that we feed so this was a different set. They called me in the morning to remind me that i had signed up to feed them. WHAT?? Of course i remembered--NOT.{good thing they did--i had TOTALLY forgotten.} They then proceeded to let me know that they had to be somewhere at 6pm, so would 4:30 or 5pm work better for dinner they inquired? Well honestly---NEITHER--{but alas i did sign up for this privilege of eating dinner at snack time}--so we agreed upon 5pm.
I can do that
I did it a few weeks ago,
I can make it happen again.
Off to the store i went to buy food--came home and had all the kids help unload and got it all put away. Different children had different tasks--everyone was pitching in to make this happen.

5pm came

---dinner was on the table---

looking OH, SO YUMMY---

children were surrounding the table,

eyeing the food,


And there we sat WAITING.

WAITING patiently,

WAITING impatiently,

getting irritated.

I finished washing all the pots and pans while we waited. I had the kids get up and do some simple chores

and there the food sat

getting cold.

Finally the missionaries showed up
I tried not to be irritated--I am not a prompt person
{there will be no stone throwing here}
but when they stress about having to be somewhere at a certain time and i bust my buns to make it happen........
Dinner was still delish, but would have been better warmer.
Ryan had some the next afternoon for a snack and he made the comment that

"it was much better HOT."

i just bet it was

.--to bad the missionaries wont know that.
So on the table for dinner that night was a few new recipes. Pasta with shrimp in a tomato cream sauce {personally i could have just drank the sauce--who needs the extra carbs with the pasta}

Jordyn made a most YUMMY salad with lots of STUFF in it. Can you say HEALTHY? This definitely qualified as a big salad and i think there was a little bit of lettuce in there
no meal is complete without some more CARBS. We went for two types of bread--our standard garlic and a new recipe of artichoke spread on the bread---VARIETY is the spice of life

Insert licking fingers here.

i am just going to go with the age old adage


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Melanie said...

looks good!! What a good blogger you have been lately. Maybe I'll get inspired:)