Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been told
that i was a bit
remiss in posting
prom pictures.
Then I was asked
the ?question?
as to why Jo
had her picture
taken with a cow.
I am now going to
clear this matter up
we need to go over
the fine details--
the hair,
and nails.
it truly is in the details
that make it all work.
While Jo wanted
new shoes and
new jewelery,
I went with the adage that
"good was good enough"
if she really felt
she needed
something else
she could
pay for it herself.

All of a sudden they seemed to be just fine.

I love compromise

Considering that i am not a "hair doing" person--I think i did a pretty good job on Jo's up do. Her hair is a bit tricky in that it is not that long and is straight as a bone and resistant to curls. The curling iron I bought at the fair a few years back has been worth every penny i spent on it. I love the fact that it actually keeps the curls in, that and LOTS of bobby pins. It is amazing how dark her hair has gotten over the years--I am having a hard time considering her a blond these days.

Now about the COW.........

Everyone needs something to make an evening truly memorable-- in this case it was a cow (for coronation it was the whole T.P. thing.) While Cinderella had her mice that took her to the ball-- this was their form of transportation.

{O.K. Not really but it makes the story more interesting.}

This was her dates (grandma's) cow and with much


that the cow was indeed harmless,

she agreed

{with reservation}

to approach the cow for a picture.


does it get much cutier than this?

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mindy said...

her hair was stunning. good job mom! i love the shoes and cute nails (she has tiny tiny nails) and the turquoise color was perfect. i hope she had fun with her date and the cow. how was indiana jones????