Friday, May 16, 2008

Random thoughts in a hotel room

AHhh to relax---
this morning Kevin woke me up
rattling around the room getting ready to leave
for his day of golf.
Somehow this did not stop me from going back to sleep
---at which point
i was woken up by housecleaning.
What were they thinking?
Knocking on the door at 9am?
I was right in the middle of a rather bizarre dream
--So now i really am awake.
I am avoiding the video--
I need to feel the love,
be inspired....
It will come eventually.
Maybe the flan for breakfast will help.
{We got take out dessert last night}
--what a great way to start the day.
I have decided that i am not getting dressed
till i have to leave this room.
The only thing missing
is either a pair of slippers or some socks--
{neither of which i packed}
{and my tootsies are feeling a bit chilled}
Inquiring minds want to know
well, actually i am just curious
as to who picks the
"colors" and designs hotel rooms.
And what were they thinking?
This room is done in a hacienda/Mexican motif.
That in itself is OK.
Not my fav
but there are aspects that i do like.
What i don't like is the color of the bathroom.
It is yellow.
I like the color yellow.
But this particular shade.....
Let's see.
What should i call it?
Maybe mustard yellow?
No, that's not exactly the color
--but close.
How about--
Baby POOP yellow.
{the color used here is not a true representative of the color used in the bathroom--
and since i don't have my camera
you will have to take my word for it.}
Yah, that's it.
Like i said.
"what were they thinking?"

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