Thursday, May 8, 2008

Busdriving Perks

Some days i just love my job. Today happens to be one of those days. Who knew that driving a bus could have so many perks? I am currently sitting at Peter Piper Pizza {well that is actually the down side of the trip} checkin' my e-mail, eating lunch (again downside--except for the bread stick-it was kinda tasty---gosh i love my carbs) watching purses, shopping at Michael's and seeing the joy in kids with special needs. I took a group of special needs kids and their peers from my daughters high school for their last field trip of the year. As the kids were getting on the bus it made me think about Alex and the many field trips that he has taken this year. It really wasn't that long ago when you kept people with special needs away from "normal" people. I guess we have come to realize that there really is no such thing as "normal". Just varying degrees of abnormal. Aren't we all blessed with little oddities about us? It is neat to see the joy these kids come by--no preconceived ideas about others, none of that "normal" high school drama. We could all take a chapter out of their books on how to be happier people.

-----Now back to the pizza. Who really chooses to come to Peter Piper for the food? I mean as adults don't we have other/better choices that can be made? I am watching adults without children come to eat here. Am i being a food snob? I have never stepped foot into Peter Piper on my own choice--{ try to reserve the kicking and screaming to the children for when we leave} I guess the point i am trying to make is that, Why?---when there are so many other tasty food choices out there would you choose to come and eat lunch here. The bread stick was good but man can not survive on bread sticks alone.

One of the girls just brought me over a tootsie roll--there in lies the answer to not living on bread sticks alone--

YAH I do love my job today

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