Wednesday, May 28, 2008

will WORK for food

Not feeling the blogger inspiration tonight. What to say? Busy day.

First day of summer school for the kiddo's. I on the other hand had Dr. Appt. #2 for the week. Today was little mans turn to be poked and prodded and declared healthy in spite of his many issues. I left with a list of follow-up appointments that i need to make. It will keep me busy for awhile.

Cleaned or started to dig out from the months of ignoring paper piles and such--will there be enough days this summer to fine tune the whole house? I love when i know that the cupboards are straight and organized. That inside the fridge is in order and that under the fridge is spotless. The junk drawer--while it still contains junk--is less junkie looking, and you can actually find what you need in it. Thank goodness for my mom who is willing to spend some time with me. Helping me as well as keeping me motivated. It is so much more fun when you have someone to clean with. I got her under the guise that i would feed her dinner--really had to twist her arm on that one. If you know our family
--"will work for food"--
is our mantra.
Had another group of missionary's for dinner. Tonight was the Spanish speaking elders. Technically they could not be counted as late--since dear hubby was picking them up. Dinner was pretty much ready when they got here--we waited till the last possible minute so as to not overcook the shrimp.
Super EASY.

I don't think this fits in the low cal department though--butter,cream--
This time of year it is hard to think of something that won't be too heavy (that is not a salad) and that will not heat up the house too awful much. This worked on both parts.
Jo took the lead (with grandma's help) on the cooking thing. She is becoming quite the experienced little Chef--My goal is to have all my punks trained so they can keep me fed.They all are accomplished in their own specialty.

Can i tell you that i just LOVE my leaf platter. It is a great size and i love the deep sides so things don't go flying off--and if you have a sauce or something it keeps that contained as well. I have a ton of dishes (a weakness of mine) and there are some that just make me happy---maybe it is the awesome food that they have contained over the years.

"Put anything in a cute dish
and it automatically tastes better"
--but then again we are pretty good cooks so....
we have yet to test that theory on something gross--
(don't really want to either)

We will just have to assume
that it is a true statement
and leave it at that.

"No one who cooks,
cooks alone.
Even at her most solitary,
a cook in the kitchen is surrounded
by generations of cooks past,
the advice and menus of cooks present,
the wisdom of cookbook writers."
Laurie Colwin

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