Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Friday night FuN

Do i post the pre-prom pictures or just go straight for the prom? While the pictures of Jordyn getting her toes done and face waxed are entertaining--the real fun lies in the finished product. Friday night the boys went on father and sons camp out so that left us girls to get pampered. Prom was just a great excuse to make it happen.

Somehow i get a guilty pleasure watching my daughter go through the painful joys of womanhood--it just kinda makes me laugh--only because i know EXACTLY how she feels.
Someone thought the two girls were twins--

I just don't see it?

We went out for dinner at Efes Turkish Restaurant.

It was fun to be able to lounge
and enjoy our time together.
I sat in disbelief
at how my girls are growing up so quickly.
We had a sampler platter
and got to try a variety of things.
We each had our favorites.

Of course we had to get some hummus--

{Love the Hummus}

and then the girls really liked this plate once it was scrapped clean. They both really liked the colors on it--which led to a discussion of what color/kind of flowers they were going to have a their weddings..SCARY!
And how about those beautiful eyebrows on those girls. One of them has not had to do any shaping up to this point and then the other--oh yah, you already saw those pictures. But just in case you forgot

HEE HEE, i can feel the burn from here.

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Jennifer said...

Turkish? Where? I want to go!

let's go eat something good and exotic when i'm back in town... Mid June, shall we?