Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sushi on saturday

my brain is in a fog and it is only a little after 7pm and i am wanting to go to sleep.

I can not concentrate on my "Trek" video--
the creativity is just not flowing:
I'm just not feeling the video love today
So i figure i might as well post and then maybe take a nap and try to find my MOJO later tonight

I love the fact that my children love food!
they love to watch the food network and are self described food network junkies. If there is an episode of IRON CHEF on you can guarantee that my children will be perched in front of the TV watching it.

Now this does not make them food network snobs--- they are willing to watch any channel...... that has to do with cooking or food.

They love to try new things
(some more willing than others)
and are willing to step outside
of the normal food box.
My children love to go to sushi
they each have their favorites
but are willing to try anything.
They {AH-SO} "COOL" in that
They know how to use chopsticks
even little man will try--
he hasn't quite figured it out yet....
I think it will only be a matter of time.
One thing about sushi is that it really is Colorful.

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