Friday, May 23, 2008

WIERD Weather

Today was one of the few days that i was actually up
before the sun--
I was looking forward to seeing a BeAutIfuL sunrise---
instead what i got was a gradual lightening
of a cloud filled sky.
The mountains were embedded with low lying clouds--
and while a sunrise would have been nice--
it is not often that we have an entire day
of clouds and rain to go with it.
It does make for a nice change.
Just the day before
we had some ridiculously hot weather--
it had been 109 degrees
and then it turned to a cool 57
I realize that is summer in some places--
{but we are weather sissy's}
with an all day of rain?
This is not our normal May weather.
I have never had to worry
about my heat/defroster working on my bus at the end of May.
Last night as i was driving for grad night,
i needed to use my defrost,
and it was doing less than a stellar job.
Normally, this time of year my bus is a hit
because it has a kickin' AC--
but instead i needed the heat
and i could not get my feet warm?
unbeknownst to me, my heat and defrost had been shut off.
i mean it is not something i normally check or need
in MAY?!
As i arrived home it was
"RISE and SHINE"--
"it's girls camp time"
i get to stay home this year with the boys
and the dear hubby is off with the girls at camp.
According to the news there was snow--
{in MAY?}
at girls camp?
And there is a SNOW advisory for tomorrow--
I hope they packed plenty of warm clothes.
All i have to say is--


With all of the hysteria,
all of the fear,
all of the phony science,
could it be?
man-made global warming,
is thee
greatest hoax
perpetrated on the American people?
It sure sounds like it.
JAMES M. INHOFE, speech in U.S. Senate, July 28, 2003

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