Thursday, May 22, 2008


Was i right or was i right--I told you David would win. Always go with the sure bet I say. I also say keep your money in your pocket and don't gamble. And then i say the computer is an evil time sucker--but i am back in love with this little box.

After finishing the monstrosity of a video for the Trek i am feeling the love for my creative "computer" side. So the other night we went to grandma's house to swim and make dinner for her--it was a fun evening together. Totally on impulse and initiated by my children. So the oldest punk being the capable cook she is whipped out this lovely lasagna--

we tried a new recipe--and while it was good we decided that we like my more complicated one--with the green stuff added. So while the lasagna was cooking the kids went for a swim--and i went out for a "view them through a camera lens experience" and got splashed--darn kids. {Don't they know that expensive camera equipment and water don't mix?}

And my dear hubby did the "my butt is not leaving this chair" experience and enjoyed the peace and quiet while we were all in the pool. (he is going to hate the fact that i posted this picture--HEHE--cuz he's a LURKER)

So here is the result of the evening--too many pictures to post, so why not make a short video? {I finished working on it as we sat waiting at midnight for the Indiana Jones movie to start--gotta love the portable lap top}

The kids decided that they didn't need a diving board to have a good time--but to get some more spring they used grandma's trampoline--with a disastrous result--funny but shall see......


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