Friday, May 2, 2008


there is something so satisfying when you clean out, straighten up and organize. I am in the mood to purge. Maybe it is due to the fact that with all the clothes being clean at the same time i found that i did not have enough room to put them all away in my room. Two baskets later and my closet is manageable. I went with the concept that if it had dust on it I could get rid of it--meaning that i had not worn it for a while--a long while. I also went with the idea that if it couldn't be buttoned or showed too much skin it was outta here---it is amazing how many of my clothes had shrunk. I even got rid of my skinny jeans--since the last time that i wore them was when i first found out that i was pregnant with Jordyn and she is going to be a 18 in a few months..... ?They really do epitomise the 80's so i didn't totally get rid of them--they were moved to the dress up box--for those 80's days at school. I have given up on the idea that i will ever be that skinny again--I just like food too much


mindy said...

awesome idea for the dress up box. so when is our next "date" so i can see jordyn's room, the scrapbook store and we can work on more burp cloths for the next (sigh) baby shower. i got some cute polka dot material at wally world cause this one is a girl. the cloths were a hit and my only concern is when they are washed, will the material ruin the white cloth? do i need to pre-wash the fabric? HELP me.

Jennifer said...

I'm just glad you weren't throwing up.