Friday, May 9, 2008

Is it ever too quiet?

tonight things are quiet at my house.
Will I be able to sleep with all this quiet surrounding me?
Who will i nudge to quiet down?
Can i sleep WITHOUT ear plugs in?
I am missing all my roommates this evening
all of which snore.
like BIG DOGS!
{And since one actually is a dog that is only appropriate.}
Little man,dear hubby and the dog
are all up in the mountains
keeping the bears awake
(instead of me.)
So here i lay across the bed
taking up as much space as i want
missing the dog.
Well maybe the others as well
but, i should relish the quiet
they will be home soon enough---
tomorrow to be exact
and i will be back to nudging
fighting for my space
and sleeping with the earplugs
AMAZING how you get used to the NOISE.

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