Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love to hate the computer

My love/hate relationship continues on with this computer.
I thought i was progressing nicely with the video.
getting the bulk of it done yesterday.
As i sat up LATE last night
and I will just say,
things did not go well.
Around 2am or so
I finally gave up.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep that was creating problems
Maybe it was a lack of understanding of the computer program
Maybe it is the fact that
the computer lives to make me crazy.
YEP--that's it.
So now that i am awake and refreshed i will see why?
WHY the computer does not want to play nice.
I am going to talk real nice and slow,
and not make any sudden moves
[as to scare it off]
and hope it responds.
Not that a computer has feelings
but i am hoping that my good MOJO will convey to getting this thing finished.
Yesterday was a beautiful day.
I only found that out when we left to go out for dinner.
OHHH how i wish i had brought my camera.
I thought about bringing it--
but did i?
There was thee most incredible sunset.
the Resort sits up on top of a hill and there are other mountains surrounding the area.
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
This really is one of the prettiest areas of AZ.
I would love to live in a place like this.
It is so GREEN and LUSH.
It is hard to believe is less than a hour from Tucson.
When we went to dinner last night
it was like being in the country.
We were driving down the road and here were cows
randomly walking around.
Visiting the businesses.
{Cows have been my theme for the week.}
Dear Hubby said that while he was playing golf yesterday,
a whole herd of moms and their calves
{had escaped}
and were wandering the golf course.
While Hubby was trying to hit the ball
a mommy cow decided to feed her calf right in the fairway.
Gave a whole new meaning to
cattle drive.
I could only picture how funny it must have been.
Well we're back to the valley today,
back to the heat,
the traffic,
the not soooo green,
and the KIDS.
I think they have managed to do well without us.
We called them last night and they were at the movies--
The real question is--
Did they even MISS us?

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