Sunday, May 4, 2008

SHELI is a WHINER--i mean WINNER!!

the world as we know it
came to an end last night.
The planets all aligned.
Hell froze over
and my sister in law
{who will be the first to tell you}
that she never wins when we play "Settlers",
actually won last night.
Not just one time
--that in it self would not be that amazing
we played twice
and she actually
WON both games.
To get the full significance of what this means you need to know that she is a good sport (well maybe "good sport" isn't the correct term but she is a sport)and plays with us--WILLINGLY--even though she is extremely pessimistic about her chances to win. Those of us that do win, she calls names and even if we are not currently winning she still calls us names (i am not bitter or anything) She is great entertainment even when she is not winning.(which she will remind you is most of the time) We are a rather competitive group and it would have just been easier to have let her win so we didn't have to listen to her {whine} or complain about the fact that she NEVER wins. Well guess what--she can no longer say that---EVER AGAIN!!!! And for the record we did not LET her win--it was on her own. Now we just get listen to her gloat
(Since she likes pictures on my blog i will now put one on of her--unfortunately i don't have one of us playing the game so you will get what i have)


wrong picture of a cute blond

here is her bright and smiling face on the morning of the trek--who knew a competitive,mean,vicious game playing winner lurked inside such an innocent face

Here she is just bustin' a gut.

Mocking us for losing to her twice last night.

Can't you just hear that evil laughter


---SO SCARY----

Just keepin' it real

I did say some things that i regret last night--


if she won 2 games in a row i would never play again.

I take it back,

I want a chance to reprieve myself--

please, oh please,

game master give us the chance to beat you again!?

You know the term

"pulling a Sheli"

just got a whole new meaning

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