Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paper brings me peace

So you have heard the statement that
"there are no stupid questions"
i am here to disagree.
[while waiting in line to place an order from Pirates Fish and Chips ]

the lady in front of me asks

"How many pieces of shrimp

are in the

7 piece shrimp meal?"

Uhh, duhhh,

maybe 7?

I love dealing with rocket scientists.

Stupid questions
are better than stupid mistakes.
Japanese proverb
As i thought about today, i felt like i had played all day and did not accomplish anything. But the conclusion that i have come to {in retrospect is}, that in playing, I did actually accomplished many things.
  • I enjoyed the day at the scrapbook store working on layouts and an album.
  • There is something that brings peace to my soul in being creative.
  • I feel like my mind was relaxed and
  • i enjoyed just visiting or being quiet.
  • I loved having "NO Pressure".
  • It was such a great day to NOT have a list of "have to's" or "to do's".
I did do some laundry (again the fun NEVER ends) before i left, but that was about it for the day. Ahhh, back to the real world tomorrow--work, house,kids and SURVIVOR--everyone has to have some guilty pleasures in life---RIGHT?
"The habit
of always putting off an experience
until you can afford it,
or until the time is right,
or until you know how to do it
is one of the greatest burglars of joy.
Be deliberate,
but once you've made up your mind
Charles R. Swindoll


Annette said...

Call me next time you want to spend a day at the Scrapbook Store. I would love to go! I have not been scrapbooking in a long while.

Jennifer said...

I get this. I used to wander down the office supply aisle when I was a kid and just want it all. I love the sound and feel and look of paper. I need to get serious about playing...