Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THee Perfect Prom Date

Hmmmm....when posed the question as to my favorite blog entry of the year by tip junkie---I couldn't help but think of this one. Not your normal prom pictures but it definitly made it a night to remember....

What makes a perfect prom date?

{In Jo's case it was a cow}

They really MOOve to the music.

If they accidently step on your foot

you can MILK it for sympathy.

They are UTTERLY funny.

no need to rent a tux, they come with their own black tails,

you don't have to worry about them making a PIG of themselves at dinner.

One draw back
is their "grass" problem

and if you make a cow
I mean really,
WILL milk come out its nose?
{And for that fact is it called a nose?}
No kiss goodnight--just a cow-lick

WHAT are you looking at?

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