Friday, May 23, 2008

prom,PROM--I am DONE

This is it.
It will never--
{well probably not}
be mentioned again.
These are the last
of the Prom pictures
to be posted by me.

But i figure,
jo needed more
than the picture with her,

the cow

and her date
to remember this night by.
Her date
is a very nice boy--
who recently joined the church on his own.
He is the only member
in his family
is talking about going on
a mission
in a year.
(Don't you love the tie--what a
perfect match)
He has a close relationship
with his bishop
(who Jo also knows well)
so after they left our house
they went over
and saw him and his wife.

Only thing was
his ward was
having a talent show--
so for their talent
they showed
how nice they could dress up
(still wish he had cut his hair)
SHEESH--oh well

I love the fact that in this picture she is wearing her seat belt.

Safety first

I always say--

along with a bunch of other stuff,


at least she is listening to me


1 comment:

sandalloons40 said...

Ok, 1 day late. oh how cute. Where did the cow come from? Does she go to Mt. View? I went to mesa high just wondering with the cow and all.

Ok, well she looks gorgeous and I love the dress!
Wow, your 18 year old is growing up nicely.

I am happy your doc says your children are sweet, etc.

take care