Thursday, May 15, 2008


Greetings from the lovely resort town of
Known to some as northern Nogales
{as in Mexico--the OLD---not the NEW.}
I am waiting for my husband to finish his last few holes of golf to check into the hotel--So while i wait, i will blog.
This afternoon was amazing.
The sun finally fell behind some clouds and we got a great rain storm. I love the smell of the desert when it rains. Along with the rain came some wild winds--which can be a bit scary when you are driving. The wind itself wasn't so bad but the dust storm it was creating made me a wee bit nervous. At one point the visibility was not sooo good--as in almost zero and on the I-10 that is when the really bad accidents occur.
[I feel like the lord was protecting me--at least until i finish the {dumb} Trek video. Even with my setback i am about 1/2 finished now. Ah the sweet smell of progress--or maybe that is the fresh air i am breathing in.]
I do enjoy driving. I love the change of scenery and the peace and quiet to let your mind wander. Or just being able to crank the music and sing as loud as I want too without offending others in the car.[one of the joys of driving by yourself]
I was listening to a Josh Groban CD--
i now can sing in Italian
{well not really}
[but if it is the thought that counts i could]
He has such an amazing voice
and some of his songs makes me want to
learn to ballroom dance
--think my husband would go for that?
HMMMMM.....Us and our four left feet.....
Maybe in my next life {SIGH}.
I was sooo into my own little world and the car was just cruisin' along--much faster than i realized
--appropriate statement since
the car is a "charger"
and i came this close
{insert fingers squooze together here}
to getting a ticket.
{insert deep SIGH of relief that i didn't.}
I then figured i should probably set the cruise control which was easier said than done.
Did i mention that this was a new car to us?
It has taken some getting used to--
like having to turn on the lights-{manually?}
{when was the last time you had to do that?}
- and the blind spots,
trying to park the thing,
the radio,
even opening the windows is weird,
and the back door locks are in an odd spot
--Not that i am complaining,
everything is paid for with this car
(a very nice perk for hubby's job)
but this cruise control was ridiculous. I finally figured it out without crashing the car and continued down the road at a more moderate speed.
So now here i sit--WAITING--patiently while the dear hubby has to schmooze with the fellas, and then we will go to dinner, and then i will continue to work on the video. That darn thing is beginning to HAUNT me and my every waking moment. So much for just hanging out and scrap booking the next two days. I did pack some stuff if i finish this video--wish me luck--
i would much rather be creative
with paper,glue and scissors
than this darn computer.
Also if anyone is in my neighborhood, drive by the house and make sure there are no wild parties happening at my house--We left the oldest in charge of the chaos. We were going to split the duty between the grandma's but she felt she wanted to take this on--
man they grow up fast.
Before i know it she will be running her own household---

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Jennifer said...

FUN!!! I've never been there. Should I?

And let's face it... you're creative with whatever you are using! You are awesome!

(not sure of which Beatles song and the paper is from Scrapbooks ETC.)