Wednesday, December 31, 2008

take time to laugh in the new year

There is something about the innocence of a little one that gives me hope with the world. They find JOY in the smallest things--when they are crawling it might be the piece of fuzz on the carpet--as toddlers it is mud in the yard. For my little one he has been laughing--really laughing--the shake your body belly laugh that makes everyone else want to laugh kind of laugh--over simple things. Yesterday it was filling my hands with water in the shower and splashing his face--today he came down while i was in the shower and proceeded to turn on and off the light--laughing all the while. I couldn't help but laugh at his JOY--the pure and simple JOY that he was feeling. Laughing makes you feel good--it lightens whatever load you are carrying--even for only a moment it makes everything right with the world. I love to laugh--unfortunately being "the Mom" and a grown up sometimes life gets to me--and i find it hard to laugh--thanks little man for reminding to find JOY in the simple things--here is to a new year--filled with much happiness and remembering to take the time to LAUGH......

“Live and work
but do not forget to play,
to have fun in life
and really enjoy it."
Eileen Caddy

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