Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years day--also known as game day

I love new years day---sleeping in--or not--watching movies and napping--or not--or just hanging out with the family---playing games. I figured since we went to bed around 1:30 (including little man) we would all be good to sleep in till at least 10am--but NOoooo. We were up around 8:30-9. We picked up the house from the night before and then played games as a family.

First we started with a couple of hands of Canasta--which my daughter proceeded to win-BIG. We then opted for a game the whole family could take part in and played a new version of Phase 10. If you have ever played phase 10 you know it is like "the song that never ends"--"it goes on and on and on my friends"---well this version actually has an ending--and even if you don't complete a phase you get to move on--until you get to the last phase--and then you have to complete that particular one. I was sooo far ahead of everyone--and i got stuck on that last phase and let everyone catch up and lost the game to a come from behind victory. We then pulled out and dusted off a favorite. SCATAGORIES. We have had this game for at least 17 years and used to play it all the time when we were young marrieds. I recently bought it for my niece and her husband and we played it with all the family a few days before Christmas. It was my children's first experience with the game--we had never played it with them because it is more of an older child/adult game. They loved it! With the extended family we played as teams--pairing an adult with a kid--daughter #2 was paired with her uncle--come to find out later that he would take a picture of the list and e-mail it to a friend with the chosen letter and the friend would e-mail words back to him---I had no idea that my brother in law was so devious--so competitive? I will have to talk to his bishop about that one--wait--he is the bishop---HMMM.......gotta love technology. If you have never played the game Scattagories you are given categories and then a letter and you have to find a word or set of words(for extra points) that fit--it pays to be creative in that you don't want to match anyone elses answer. You can make a case for your word and then it is voted on if it is questionable or really creative. Here is one of my favorites of the day--it left us laughing for quite awhile--the category was ATHLETIC ITEM--and the letter was "G"---so my daughter wanting to score double points put down "Groin guard". It was a good effort but having never actually seen a groin guard it was voted down--maybe that would be a good invention--HMMMM....something else to think about. We had planned on going to the movies but the majority of the family wanted to stay home and play games--so daughter #2 and I left with the grandparents and saw The curious case of Benjamin Buttons--good but a tad long--the rest of the family stayed home and played games with the other grandma. Grandma had gotten a Wii fit for Christmas but doesn't have a Wii yet so she brought it over to try out. It was fun watching everyone take turns. I will just say that some people have better balance than others--I am thinking i might actually exercise using it--I guess i would actually have to figure out how to use the Wii first--might be a slight hindrance?! Sounds like a rather fun filled game day (and not one football game was watched--miracle of miracles--since we now have a big screen and my poor husband has not watched a singe game on it yet) We had bought Seinfeld scene it for my mom's husband--

he is a bit of a Seinfeld junkie, as are my brother and my husband (I might be included in that group as well)What a better group to get together to play the game-- we made sure that the game was still sealed-making sure that no cheating had taken place--we are not a very competitive group or anything. It helps to play with a group that has never played before so you have no idea what they want from the questions. We were a bit surprised at the randomness of some of the questions--which really shouldn't have been a surprise since it was a show about "Nothing". While doing "nothing" can be fun sometimes, today was a day for spending time together---what a great way to start of the family!

Other things may change us,
but we start and end with the family.
Anthony Brandt

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