Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging Birthday

One year ago today I made a technology leap.
Being a bit of a technology retard this was a big deal.

I am still amazed at the fact that I managed to figure out how to set up a blog all by myself. It was going to be my secret…a place to record my thoughts that would just float around in cyberspace. I figured if I didn’t tell anyone, no one would know. You can imagine my surprise when I figured out how to sign on the next day (that was more challenging than actually setting up the blog) and found that someone had actually read what I had written and left me a message.? How did they find me? I was a bit puzzled.! I thought my entry was just floating around randomly and that you had to work to find it in computer land. Then more people found me and soon my secret was out. My thoughts were out for everyone to see… I had officially come of age---I was a blogger. It has become my journal of sorts (censored and short of intimate details at times) but it is me or at least my thoughts. It has helped me to become more present in my life instead of just “living it”. I know I reflect more and think more about those daily things. My life is changing and evolving—it won’t always be like it is now. It has been fun for me to look back over the year and see my joys as well as my stresses. It is written for me and my family to enjoy—and if no one else ever reads it---that’s OK.
Here is to another year in cyberspace….

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