Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have a date....

I have to give the oldest chops for persistence--
four invites later and we have a date for coronation.
Actually she asked three (I guess 4 if you count her cousin)
and her brother(on her persistence and recommendation)asked one--
only to be turned down also.
It has been a rather frustrating/interesting couple of weeks.
She had been planning on asking a friend she has known since birth--
and she did--only to be turned down
because anther girl had asked his mom about taking him first?!!
I didn't know that talking to the mom constituted date acceptance--
I have always gone on the first one to ask the person is the one you are supposed to accept--
guess everyone doesn't play by the same rules....
Then she asked another friend from another high school--
he had a sporting conflict that day and wasn't sure when it would be over.
She thought everyone had been asked--
so the other night she threw it out there with her cousin.
He was a good sport and said he would go with her--
but can anything ever be that simple in our lives--
NOOOO--remember this is high school.
We found out another friend from our ward had not yet been asked--
so with that information in hand
the daughter texted her cousin (because we can't actually talk anymore)
to see if she could beg out from their arrangement.
He obliged saying he wouldn't have been that great of a date anyway--
(I would have to disagree with that statement--
I think they would have had a great time together
especially since he was such a willing sport!)
Anyway--once she had gotten the green light to go ahead and ask
she jumped right on it--off to the store to get the needed supplies
poster board and Mountain Dew--
(remember we can't just ask--it has to be creative...)
This is what we she came up with

She ran over to his house and came home an hour later
with a big smile on her face.
She was laughing because his mom had been vacuuming his room when she got there--and then had spent the next little while hanging out talking and playing with the grand baby.

After an evening out
this is what we pulled up to

--much nicer than toilet paper or seran wrap.
My daughters jumped out of the car
and quickly pulled out her camera
(she is her mothers daughter..)

It was hard to read (only because it was dark)until we got in the house and this is what it said:

"I went to a mountain to look for you,
I even took the cans of Dew,
But you weren't there for me to tell--
So I lay down the cans so I can spell....
My answer; It's just what you'd guess.
I'm excited to go with you

Now we have the date--the dress????

That is another story????.........and the saga/drama continues.....

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