Sunday, January 4, 2009

the raw truth from a machine

There is something about being insulted by an inadamant object that really hurts. This thing does not know your heart--the kind person you are inside. NOOOoooo--it is only measuring you on your physical attributes/abilities and making judgements solely based on that and nothing else--and then this object doesn't even sugar coat the judgement--you have to take it for what it is--an insult wrapped around some truth.

My mother in law--bless her soul--left her Wii fit for us to try out.

It seemed like a fun thing at the time--that was until we made a Mii for me and I did the fitness test. This thing weighs you---now i know that i am a tad bit heavy(notice the sugar coating) but in the course of this evaluation it also takes account of your body mass index---not a pretty sight---especially after evaluating me it blew up my Mii like the stay puff marshmallow man--
talk about a visual--and not a pretty one at that. Then it proceeds to put you through a battery of tests to come to the age of your body--the trumpets blew and when all was said and done i was 47--it didn't make me happy, but i sorta accepted the fact that I might kinda-sorta be a tad bit out of shape--equating in the added years. So i took the test again--hoping to shave off a few years--instead i added and was bumped up to 55---fifty five?
plus it still blew me up like i had ingested an elephant. I know i have some issues but that was just down right rude---That was it--with my children laughing I proceeded to take the test one more time--I was bound and determined that i was going to better this game--I knew what i needed to do--once again after the BMI test my Mii was inflated like a tire--(It is not quite as jarring the third time as it was the first)--but when all was said and done and the trumpets once again blared the number that popped up on the screen was one that i could live with---a lovely 26 was starring me in the face. Now that was more like it. I decided that this machine/game couldn't be all wrong--just a little abrupt in the way it dispenses the truth....I prefer mine wrapped in chocolate......


Whitney said...

Precisley the reason I will never own one. Look, it's either that or the Spirit and only one can exist in our home.

middle age mormon mother said...

How I love your blogs my puffy little friend. I want to know how you cheated and got down to 26. That's pretty darn amazing! Maybe it's all that elf dancing you did last year.

Shelby said...

laughing so hard i DID pee my pants. remind me to tell you the story of when we (my family) did the wii fit testing ... hiliarous!
i need your email address again asap. thx