Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Can i just say i love the game of soccer?
Not actually watching it...
---just the timing of it.

I love that with soccer you know EXACTLY how long it is going to last--give or take a few minutes. They put 40 minutes up on the clock and you watch it tick down, and then they put up 10 for half time and again the time runs off. Then they add the last 40 minutes and baring any injury the time runs out and hopefully someone has won, none of this time out stuff--where the last 2 minutes last for thirty (ie. basketball or football)The times when i have somewhere to go after the soccer game is a sure fire indicator that it will go into overtime--and then usually penalty kicks---but other than that i do love the timing of the game. Now you will not actually catch me watching it---it ranks right up there with watching paint dry in my book---actually i think that would be more exciting because as paint dries the color changes--mellows....wait, I was talking about soccer....Now i know there are many who disagree with me about this game that has overtaken all of the parks on a Saturday---and i am OK with that---I love (there is a note of sarcasm) waiting for hours on end to watch my children participate for a few seconds/minutes in their collective sports--only to have to wait more....
to see them participate for a few brief seconds,
again and again and again---
I will say there is something satisfying to knowing when you will actually be done--with wrestling and swimming the best i can do is guess....

The rules of soccer are very simple,
basically it is this:
if it moves, kick it.
If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

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