Friday, January 16, 2009

Alive to wrestle another day

The fun never ends around here. We are at another wrestling tournament this weekend--only instead of getting to sleep in our own beds between days we are in a hotel whose proximity is right next to the train tracks. I have already heard the train once and am hoping that once i fall asleep i will be tired enough not to hear anything till my wake up call.

Up to this point all the tournaments we have attended have been team based, meaning you win and lose as a complete team. These are fun since you get to see all the boys wrestle together and it helps build team unity. As a whole we have a pretty good team and the more the team wins the more matches the boys have to improve their records.

Now this tournament is a tad different. It is an individual tournament--double elimination--so you can only lose twice before you are out.
(In bold type for emphasis)
hard tournament. It doesn't matter the size of your school--so we wrestle teams from all across the state and even a few out of state teams. So how did today go for my guy? Not bad....He won his first and then lost to the #1 seed. This kid that he lost to is ranked nationally--we did not expect him to win--but he also did not get stuck--that right there is a victory--minor but a victory. He won his next match which means it is another night of watching what he eats, and running so he can make weight in the morning. Sometimes that weight thing can be your toughest opponent.

my mild mannered son-as seen throwing someone around and then stickin' it to em'

We are looking forward to another long day--hopefully filled with some more wins........Wish us Luck

train #2 just came rattling by with its horn blowing--might be a long night....make that 3 and 4.....

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