Friday, January 30, 2009

The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH

Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth these days?
It is as if we have to be talked into doing it—like it is a good thing—why is it even a question anymore?
We see politicians caught not only with their hand in the cookie jar but with a fist full of cookies as well and yet there they stand before the press saying that they didn’t do it.
I watched some kids messing around the other day and when I called them on it their father came over and told me that I shouldn’t have yelled at his kids because they weren’t doing anything—never mind the fact that I had sat there watching them do this thing they lied to their father about.
I just over heard a young lady on the phone saying that she was going to tell the truth—that someone had told her that is what she should do—UMMM YEAH!
I had a girl on my bus a while back who had lost her phone---she was asking her friend what she should tell her dad—and me being forever being the parent—jumped in and told her she should tell him the TRUTH!!! Why is this such a novel idea? She asked me—“You really think so?” “YES—your dad might be mad that you lost the phone but he will be even madder if he finds out you lied to him and you lost the phone—get it over with now”.
It is hard to trust those that lie. I want to believe what people say to me—I want to believe that those around me are living their lives with integrity—that they are choosing to tell the truth—not having to be talked into it.
“Oh the tangled webs we weave
when we choose to deceive”
I think that reality television has had a lot to do with the deterioration of honesty. Good television is about deceit and compromising our values. It was OK when we knew it was all fiction but now they show people getting ahead by lying to each other. People lie because they find it is easier than telling the truth and yet don’t understand that when the truth does come out it disappoints others that they could not be honest. If you are honest ALL the time there is no question....

The truth shall set you free.
--Years ago when you gave your word it was binding
—it was your honor—
I think we need to go back to that….
As a society we need to work on being
more honorable,
more honest,
Living with more integrity

—and not because someone talked us into it….

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