Sunday, January 25, 2009

toilet paper and serane wrap

We are a home full of teenagers, which as i stated before makes us a target for fun and games during the evening hours. I just love waking up to face a busy day and see that our yard has been strung up during the night. You would think living under a street light would deter some of this nocturnal activity--but it doesn't. We actually have trees that can be hung gracefully--unlike those with desert landscaping we have toilet paper friendly plants.

On this particular night i think we were dealing with amateurs---it takes a certain finesse to get the right toss going to clear the tree. Anything short of perfection and the rolls end up lodged beyond the reach of said toilet paper--er-ers.

Which means there is less to actually clean up for us.It is such a shame to waste such full rolls of toilet paper--

not that i am encouraging them to come and practice on my house anytime soon....There they are hanging--because they are also out of our reach until the winds and sands of time disintegrate or blow them out of the tree...

Being toilet papered was not enough in one weekend...The next night we had the pleasure of some more visitors--but their M.O. was a tad different--only this time it was foiled. The dog started going nuts--which she usually only does when the bus pulls up for little man. Upon hearing the dog my middle son was at door and had it opened before my husband could get there. Apparently the fun for that night was to involve Saran Wrap and our cars. They had started to wrap them together--i think in the hopes of keeping them clean? I guess that would work to keep ice off the wind shied--that is if we had ice--but probably not. Anyway it was early into the process when they got caught so we didn't have too much to clean up--and we got almost two full rolls of saran wrap out of the deal--nice that they left us the supply....

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