Sunday, January 11, 2009

beautiful burritos

I am a simple person. It does not take much to make me happy. Food, a warm bed and a nap on a Sunday afternoon, all fit my description of a perfect day. All of these things came together today. With being gone most of the weekend at a wrestling tournament there was not much to be had in the food department--plus we were going to the grandparents house this afternoon for some "heart attack french toast"(appropriately named since it is dipped in cream, fried in Crisco and has a stick of butter added to the syrup--can you say YUMMY!!!!) Not wanting to spoil my appetite for this taste sensation but in need of something to tie me over, my dear son with use of his wonderful pan whipped up some sausage egg and cheese burritos. He used the last four eggs in the house and instead of putting the Valentina's hot sauce on the eggs he mixed it in. He also grilled the tortillas to give them that "authentic" look. It was the perfect snack to tie us over till the real feast more item to be added to his ever growing list of specialties.

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