Saturday, January 31, 2009


Just for the fun of it I was looking up superstitions today.
There are the common ones--like the black cat, and ladders and the mirror breaking--but i was more intrigued with the less common ones--here are few that i found interesting?!

--If you get a chill up your back or goosebumps,
it means that someone is walking over your grave
----I am sorry--
but if you are in the grave and you are still getting a chill
--or goosebumps--
I think you have been placed there just a tad bit early....
You have got larger problems than someone just walking over you
--hopefully as they do this they will hear your screams
and get you out....ya think?

---Cows lifting their tails is a sure sign that rain is coming.
---I have limited cow experience--
--but in my limited cow experience
it is not rain that you need to worry about
if they lift their tails
--atleast that is not what i call it anyway....
it is just a wee bit thicker than rain

---Pulling out a gray or white hair will cause ten more to grow in its place.
Now this is TRUE!!!
I have done this
and wouldn't you know more popped up in their place
--has nothing to do with my kids and them causing this to happen.....

Now this last one made me just laugh.
You know it was created by a bunch of men
who had been cooped up on a boat/ship to long.
They probably sat around thinking
--HMMM --
what could we do/say to get the clothes off of a woman?
--and thus a contest was created
and this was the winning entry.
A naked woman
on board a boat
is said to calm the seas.
Need i say more?

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middle age mormon mother said...

I was driving down a country road today and there was a cow with her tail up. There was no rain, but it made me think of you. Doesn't that make you feel special?