Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the characters i find in my bed

tonight i came home to a little man in my bed.
This is not an unusual sight--
i think of him as my own personal bed warmer.
I quickly moved him from my side of the bed and put him in the comfy chair.

As i snuggled in my warm cozy bed i realized that my side was being occupied by someone other than me. I tried to make it known that this was my space--but this little guy wanted none of that. He kept putting his hands on me---i couldn't get away from him--it was as if he was all arms and hands. I had enough of this space invasion. After the kicking him around didn't work i reached down and grabbed him--ready to read him the riot act--boy was he was one ugly fat dude... NOOOOO!!!!

I am not talking about my husband.....

this is the guy i found in my space--while not so big he is rather lumpy and annoying

A close friend of little mans

I don't know his name--
I will just call him

"short ugly dude with two many arms"......
not to be confused with the other person in my bed

who i will refer to as

"vertically challenged,

cute husband who snores"...

although he also likes to edge his way into my space....

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