Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stinky boys

We had the choice of three gyms today--
we chose the one that my son was spending his time in, which proved to be the best since it actually was cool and had a cross breeze. I have found that there is one major flaw with gymnasiums--they are typically hot boxes with little air movement, full of smelly athletes doing their thing.

Having spent a fair amount of time around various aged and gendered athletes I have learned that there is a distinct difference in hygiene according to their age and sex. Girls think they can cover their stinky-ness with overloading on the fu-fu --whether it be in the form of perfume or highly scented lotion. Freshmen boys on the other hand don't wait for an intense game to become smelly--they like to start out that way.
---hygiene is one of those underrated things at that age, they usually figure it out by the time they are seniors, at least we hope they do. I found it also depends on the sport as to the level of stinky-ness. The one nice thing about having a serious wrestler is that they realize (at least during wrestling season) the importance of showering. More than any other sport they are real particular about "skin" issues and know it can disqualify you if you have that problem. Showering helps with that--not always a guarantee but we stress the importance in our house. Even though they shower to keep ring worm away, there is the opinion with some that by eliminating the use of deoderant on match days, you can out smell your opponent--a secret weapon of sorts--only it is not so secret--(I think they have tried this in the middle east--with little success) it doesn't start out pretty, and it only gets worse by then end of an intense tournament.

Today there were a couple of young men that had
dread locks
--not a hair style known for it's cleanliness--but these boys were embracing their grungy-ness--they even had some of their dreads colored pink. Was the pink intended to help attract the girls?--I know we like color and all, but will those teenage girls see past the fact that these boys don't wash their hair and that it is dirty, matted, knotted and overall gross? Call me crazy,but I was always attracted to boys that smelt good--with soft hair that i could run my fingers through, or in my husbands case, a clean cut flat top that i could rub. It made me feel all tingly--not a possibility with dread locks--not if you actually want your fingers back. We already know at their age, hygiene is not at the top of their priority list,so why do they want to accentuate the fact with nasty, dirty, pastie, smelly, dread locks? Even some of the other boys were commenting on that fact--you know its bad when the boys split ranks and dog on the hygiene of one of their own. I made the comment to those young men that maybe they wore the dreads as a form of a chick repellent--they laughed at that--and then i made these cute, clean cut boys swear to me that they would shower and wear deodorant. Again they laughed and promised they would--and then i told them that they would have to work much harder to repel the girls--but it would be worth it---that girls are nothing but trouble--at least till they are out of high school--and with that they agreed. AHHH another group of young men i have set on the right path. LOL---if only they will keep their promises.....I DREAD the thought if they don't....

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