Thursday, January 29, 2009

little mans hair cut

Little man loves to get his hair cut.
He is always asking--even if he doesn't need it.
The other day dear hubby mentioned that he needed a hair cut out load around little man
--big mistake--
little man quickly responded that he also needed one
(now remember that this child is non-verbal--but when it comes to his hair he makes his wants/needs known!!)
Hubby told him that they would get a haircut the next day since it was late. So this afternoon as soon as little man came off the bus he immediately reminded his dad that it was time for haircuts (dad had forgotten) Little man remembered the promise and was not going to let it go until he was taken---he can be very persistent when he wants something. Normally this is a boys out trip but since i was home i was invited along to take pictures. I didn't bring the big camera--i didn't want to totally stand out--so i brought the little camera in my purse--and wouldn't you know it--the batteries died on me. UGH--wait i have a camera phone--i can take pictures with that--so i did!!! Now i don't think the quality is that great--but then again i wouldn't know since i don't know how to get them off--one more thing for me to figure out.....
i did it! While sitting in San Luis i managed to upload my pictures off of my phone. Sometimes i scare myself....

this is our cute friend Brittney--we have known her since she was 2 1/2 years old--she pretty much looks the same as she did then--only her hair is longer and she is a tad taller--her dad was one of dear hubby's good friends....
she can move really fast which is important when cutting little mans hair--because you never know what he is going to be distracted by
"what was that streak of black that just passed" "Is someone going to get me a sucker?"
"Hey sucker lady--I am over here--I am almost done--I can eat my sucker and get my hair cut at the same time--really--i don't mind hair on my sucker so much....."

And here is dad--he swoops in for the rescue--not that she needed it--like I said she is fast--I think she had his hair cut in 5 minutes flat--and off he went to get his sucker--he knows why he likes to get his hair cut--he is not above a bribe---and since i was there anyway i went ahead and got my haircut--

i love the way it turned out--not bad for a "great clips" haircut--anyone looking for a good haircut go and see Brittany--she really does a great job--much better than my self portrait shows.....and just for the record--just after i took this picture my battery died in this camera as well

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