Sunday, February 1, 2009

it has happened

Despite all my personal nay-saying.....
and others who said it would never happen
as long as Bill Bidwell owned the team
and the fact that they keep talking about global warming...
I am here to tell you
HELL has Frozen over....
what else could it be?
I mean the fact that for 21 years my poor husband has been tortured by the Cardinals--
truly tortured!!!
Every year he has been on the band wagon--
and when others were jumping off the band wagon he stayed on--
He wanted to believe.....
and now out of the blue they are playing in the super bowl?--
Say it isn't so?
I am still in denial of this fact....
Should we be looking for other signs that the world as we know it is coming to an end?
I am a wee bit concerned--
who knew the planets would all align--
and have you seen all the rabbits that are missing their feet?--
Now if they actually do win the Superbowl--
watch out
--the world as we know it will change--
it has to...
There is NO other explanation for this anomaly to happen....
What's next?
The Boston Red Sox win the world series in game 7?.....

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