Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First day of driving....

On occasion my kids have been known to drive me nuts
or up the wall—
or even drive me crazy.

And while they might raise my blood pressure at the time, it is OK.
The potential for someone to get hurt is slim to none—
but today...
I let my son DRIVE me—as in...
I was the passenger and he controlled this vehicle of potential death.
I am not cut out to be the passenger—with anyone.
I like to drive….
I like controlling my own destiny and if I must be the passenger
I prefer to do it with someone who has a wee bit more of experience.

He did fine—we arrived safely at the doctors office (where I promptly had my blood pressure checked—well not really) and he even managed to park the van in between the lines--which is more than i can say about some people who actually do have their licences. It is hard as a mom to let go—to let your kids grow up—especially when you see the weirdos’s and bad drivers that the road is continually filled with. I only hope that I don’t drive him too crazy with my words of wisdom and advice. I know things will get better but I also realize that we are only on child #2 with this driving thing—I will have at least 2 more to go through with this experience—will my heart be able to manage? I guess that would be as good as an excuse as any to have a smaller family---but think of the rest of the fun I would miss out on.!? I am looking forward to having another person who can run errands, pick up siblings etc..etc…of course he will have to get his eagle scout first before it will happen “for real”

—he is due to get his actual license on his birthday--(also the first day of school)—that is six months away—seems to me that should be plenty of time for him to finish up what needs to be done—nothing like dangling the carrot or car keys to get a kid to move….Remember I am not above bribery---that being said—can I BRIBE anyone to take a nice young man out for a driving lesson---must have a strong heart and color in their knuckles…

Sometimes when I am driving
I get so angry at inconsiderate drivers
that I want to scream at them.
But then I remember
how insignificant that is,
and I thank God
that I have a car and my health and gas.
That was phrased wrong -
normally you wouldn't say,
thank God I have gas.
Ellen DeGeneres

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